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Signal Path

Signal Path is a beautiful and swift spectrum viewing app. It makes easy to look through hours worth of data finding interesting signal peaks in long recordings (computing spectrums is backed by SIMD and GPU (Metal)). In addition Signal Path allows recording audio data with a microphone and replaying the recorded audio. Additionally supports FIFO channels for importing complex signal data.

Signal Path is available for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

Download on the App Store Download on the Mac App Store

Give it a try

Try out Signal Path with this example file.
Download Example

Advanced feature: FIFO channels for importing data

Signal Path supports FIFO channels for importing data from any source.
Create FIFO recording by using File->New FIFO Recording menu item.
File path to the channel can be conveniently copied using Edit->Copy FIFO Path menu item.
Easiest way of testing it out is by using Terminal command:
macOS 10.13: echo "$(cat /path/to/existing/file/containing/data)" > /path/to/fifo/channel
​macOS 10.12: cat /path/to/existing/file/containing/data > /path/to/fifo/channel


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