Augmented Code

Augmented Code is concentrating on writing beautiful applications and games on iOS and macOS with performance and elegance in mind.

Signal Path

Signal Path is a beautiful and swift spectrum viewing app. It makes easy to look through hours worth of data, finding interesting signal peaks in long recordings (computing spectrums is backed by SIMD and GPU (Metal)). In addition, Signal Path allows recording audio data with a microphone and replaying the recorded audio. Moreover, Signal Path […]

Drifty Asteroid

Drifty Asteroid is a puzzle game taking to the enchanting world of orbital mechanics. Create planetary systems and give guidance to asteroids Features:• Position planets and use gravitational force to guide asteroids into bright stars.• Discover the colourful world of planets.• Learn from mistakes by following the trail of stars.• Think outside the box and […]

Latest Blog Posts

Ratings view in SwiftUI

I am currently building a new app where I needed to show ratings for items. Ratings are from 0 to 5 with 0.5 step. In this blog post, we’ll implement a SwiftUI view which uses SF symbols to display ratings. Since we need to make sure it works properly with each of the step, we…

Getting started with matched geometry effect in SwiftUI

Matched geometry effect in SwiftUI is a view modifier for creating transition animations between two views. We create two different views, apply the modifier to both of them with a same identifier and namespace, and removing one and inserting another will create an animation where one view moves to the other view’s position. In other…

Implicit self for weak self captures

Since this week has kept me extremely busy with packing our things, selling furniture, and wrapping up any loose ends before relocating back to Estonia from Japan after 4.5 years, I am going to use this week’s blog post for highlighting a new Swift 5.8 language feature. I welcome this change since how hard I…