Augmented Code

Augmented Code is concentrating on writing beautiful applications and games on iOS and macOS with performance and elegance in mind.

Signal Path

Signal Path is a beautiful and swift spectrum viewing app. It makes easy to look through hours worth of data, finding interesting signal peaks in long recordings (computing spectrums is backed by SIMD and GPU (Metal)). In addition, Signal Path allows recording audio data with a microphone and replaying the recorded audio. Moreover, Signal Path […]

Drifty Asteroid

Drifty Asteroid is a puzzle game taking to the enchanting world of orbital mechanics. Create planetary systems and give guidance to asteroids Features:• Position planets and use gravitational force to guide asteroids into bright stars.• Discover the colourful world of planets.• Learn from mistakes by following the trail of stars.• Think outside the box and […]

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URL type properties for folders in iOS

I have a tiny Swift package, what I have been using for reading and writing data on disk. Data is written to a subfolder in the documents folder. Beginning with iOS 16 there is a new way how to create that URL. It is such a tiny addition to what should have been there a…

Async-await support for Combine’s sink and map

Async-await in Swift is getting more popular as time goes by, but Combine publishers do not have built-in support for it currently. In this blog post, we’ll see how to expand some of the existing publishers. Async-await supported sink One case where I have encountered this is when I have wanted to call an async…

Most visited blog posts in 2022

Time to take a look at most visited blog posts in 2022 in two categories: most visited posts written in 2022 and most visited posts in overall. Top 10 written in 2022 Top 10 overall