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Accessing UIHostingController from a SwiftUI view

While I was working on a mixed UIKit and SwiftUI project, I needed a way to access the UIHostingController within the SwiftUI view so that I could use it for interacting with other UIKit methods. This blog post tackles the problem and provides a simple solution how to implement it.

The approach we are taking is using the SwiftUI environment and inserting an object into the environment, which then keeps a weak reference to the view controller hosting the SwiftUI view. Using the SwiftUI view environment has a benefit of allowing multiple other SwiftUI views within the hierarchy to use it as well. In the end, we would like to write something like this:

// Presenting the detail view using UIKit presentation methods
let hostingController = DetailView().embeddedInHostingController()
presentingViewController.present(hostingController, animated: true)
// The view which needs access to the view controller hosting it
struct DetailView: View {
@EnvironmentObject var hostingProvider: ViewControllerProvider
var body: some View {
VStack {
Button("Access View Controller") {
let viewController = hostingProvider.viewController
// … do something with the view controller

In the snippet above, we use a custom embeddedInHostingController() function which inserts a new ViewControllerProvider type the to the environment. Let’s take a closer look how this function and type are implemented.

extension View {
func embeddedInHostingController() -> UIHostingController<some View> {
let provider = ViewControllerProvider()
let hostingAccessingView = environmentObject(provider)
let hostingController = UIHostingController(rootView: hostingAccessingView)
provider.viewController = hostingController
return hostingController
final class ViewControllerProvider: ObservableObject {
fileprivate(set) weak var viewController: UIViewController?

The ViewControllerProvider class keeps a weak reference to the view controller. Since UIHostingController is a subclass of UIViewController we can just use UIViewController as a type. The embedded function creates an instance of the provider and a hosting controller, inserts the provider into the SwiftUI view environment and then sets the weak property which we can access later.

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