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Tag: iOS

Height fitting collection view

I have numerous times needed to show some sort of collection view which adjusts its height based on the content. Most of the time it has been a dynamic list within some more complex scrollable UI. Therefore, in this post, we’ll take a look at how to set up a collection view which has its height set to the content height. On the screenshot below, we have a collection view with light grey background and two sections. The approach for making this working is pretty simple, which involves adding a… Read more Height fitting collection view

An overview of the time profiler in Instruments

Instruments is an application bundled with Xcode. It enables to measure application performance in variety of ways. Performance is extremely important as it keeps application responsive and in other things less CPU usage also means longer battery life. Time profiler is one of the instruments which can be used for measuring your application. What it does is that it samples the application 1000 times per second and records function backtraces in each of the sample. It gives a pretty good overview of what the application was doing when the information… Read more An overview of the time profiler in Instruments