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Code coverage for Swift Packages with Fastlane

Package.swift file in Swift packages describes the package contents including other dependencies, build targets and so on. Double-clicking a Package.swift file opens Xcode with that package and one can build and run tests. When adding continues integration to a Swift package then we would like to build, test, and also create a code coverage report. Fastlane is an excellent tool for such tasks and therefore let’s take a look on how to achieve that for packages with iOS target.

Code coverage support needs to be explicitly set and this can be done by using Swift Package Manager’s generate-xcodeproj command with having code coverage turned on. SPM then creates a Xcode project which has a slightly different scheme name with “-Package” suffix. The generated project file can then be used to run tests with Fastlane’s run_tests action. After running test we can use a tool like xcov for generating an HTML page with a code coverage report. One of the great features of the xcov is the ability to force a minimum code coverage percentage.

This approach works fine when we do not have any resource files in the package which are required for running tests. The problem is that the generate-xcodeproj command creates a project file without resource files. In those cases we would need to either use a separate standalone project or workspace file which has code coverage turned on.

Down below, we can see an example Fastfile which has a lane called “test_report” which generates a project file, runs tests and uses xcov for generating code coverage report. Additionally, it will delete the generated project file and any related folders.

require 'fileutils'
platform :ios do
desc "Run tests and create a unit-test report"
lane :test_report do
command: 'generate-xcodeproj',
enable_code_coverage: true
project: 'SPMPackage.xcodeproj',
scheme: 'SPMPackage-Package',
device: 'iPhone 12',
output_directory: './fastlane/UnitTests',
clean: true
project: 'SPMPackage.xcodeproj',
scheme: 'SPMPackage-Package',
output_directory: './fastlane/CodeCoverage',
include_targets: 'SPMPackage.framework',
minimum_coverage_percentage: 80.0
if ENV['CI'] != 'true'
sh 'open ./UnitTests/report.html'
sh 'open ./CodeCoverage/index.html'
before_all do
FileUtils.remove_dir './CodeCoverage', true
FileUtils.remove_dir './UnitTests', true
after_all do
FileUtils.remove_dir './../SPMPackage.xcodeproj', true
view raw Fastfile.rb hosted with ❤ by GitHub

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