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Linking a Swift package only in debug builds

One of the cases where we would like to build debug and release configurations differently is when we want to enable some extra features. A concrete example could be a debug view which has a list of commands or displays additional information. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at a Xcode project which only links a local Swift package in debug builds.

The project setup

In the example project, we have an iOS app and a local Swift package “DebugFeatures”. The Swift package description also contains swiftSettings which defines a DEBUG compilation condition when the package is built with debug configuration. This is just an extra measure to make sure we do not compile any of the code in this package accidentally in release configuration.

name: "DebugFeatures",
swiftSettings: [
.define("DEBUG", .when(configuration: .debug))
view raw Package.swift hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Since it is a compilation condition, then we should also wrap our code in the package with if/endif DEFINE.

import SwiftUI
public struct DebugView: View {
public init() {}
public var body: some View {
Text("Debug View")
view raw DebugView.swift hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Linking the package only in debug builds

The next step is to change app project settings and make sure we do not link the package in release builds. The simplest way for this is to first add the package as the app dependency in “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content”.

App target's libraries containing DebugFeatures package.
App target’s libraries.

Then we’ll open build settings and look for “Excluded Source File Names” and configure release builds to ignore “DebugFeatures*”.

Build settings configured to ignore the package in release builds.
Build settings configured to ignore the package in release builds.

To verify this change, we can make a release build with shift+command+i (Product -> Build For -> Profiling which builds release configuration). If we check the latest build log with command+9 and clicking on the top most build item, scrolling to app target’s linker step, we can see that Xcode did not link “DebugFeatures”. Exactly what we wanted to achieve.

Output of the linker step of the app target showing that DebugeFeatures package was not linked.
Output of the linker step of the app target.


This is one way how to link some package only for debug builds. Although it sounds a bit unexpected that “Excluded Source File Names” also removes the package from the linking phase, but I am happy it does since it means only changing one build setting to get it working like this.

Example project

DebugOnlySwiftPackage (Xcode 13.3.1)

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