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Category: Xcode

Comparing build speeds of Xcode 13 and Xcode 14b2

Xcode 14 beta 2 came with WWDC’22 and one of the highlights of the upcoming Xcode is faster builds. What’s new in Xcode mentions that Xcode 14 can be up to 25% faster, mostly due to improved parallelism. For testing this out, I looked for a large open source iOS app. WordPress for iOS is available on GitHub, and it was pretty easy to set up the local development setup. My 16″ MBP is from 2019 and has 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 with 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4… Read more Comparing build speeds of Xcode 13 and Xcode 14b2

Looking into Xcode 14 beta 1

It is a WWDC week and the first day is over. I am eager to see what Xcode 14 is about to bring and therefore let’s dive into Xcode’s release notes where I pick out some of the changes which caught my interest. Bitcode is deprecated Turns out that bitcode is deprecated. In the release notes we can read that bitcode for iOS, tvOS, and watchOS is turned off by default. In addition, bitcode uploads are going to be rejected when using Xcode 14. That is the one I did… Read more Looking into Xcode 14 beta 1

CollectionOfOne in Swift

The Swift standard library includes a peculiar struct CollectionOfOne. It just represents a single value as a collection. Since it represents only a single value, then it is more efficient than creating an Array with a single element, which involves in allocating a buffer. Also, all the collection functions require inspecting the buffer whereas CollectionOfOne can hard-code many of these, like count which is always one. It can make a difference in performance critical code, but most of the time it does not make a real difference if we create… Read more CollectionOfOne in Swift

Linking a Swift package only in debug builds

One of the cases where we would like to build debug and release configurations differently is when we want to enable some extra features. A concrete example could be a debug view which has a list of commands or displays additional information. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at a Xcode project which only links a local Swift package in debug builds. The project setup In the example project, we have an iOS app and a local Swift package “DebugFeatures”. The Swift package description also… Read more Linking a Swift package only in debug builds