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Signal Path 2.0 for iOS and macOS is available now!

I am happy to announce that Signal Path 2.0 is available now for macOS and iOS. Signal Path uses Apple’s universal purchase offering – buy it once for both platforms.

Signal Path 2.0 on the App Store

Past, present, and future

I spent a lot of time architecting both apps in a way that they reuse as much functionality as possible: from Metal pipelines to view models powering the UI. Most of the UI is written in SwiftUI, but there are a couple of views using UIKit (iOS) and AppKit (macOS) directly. Now when the groundwork is done, every next release will offer the same core functionality on both platforms and also integrating OS specific features. Future is bright, give Signal Path a try!

What is Signal Path

Signal Path is the most performant spectrum viewing app with beautiful user interface. You can record audio spectrums using microphone or open large recordings containing I/Q data. Read more about Signal Path.

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