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URL type properties for folders in iOS

I have a tiny Swift package, what I have been using for reading and writing data on disk. Data is written to a subfolder in the documents folder. Beginning with iOS 16 there is a new way how to create that URL. It is such a tiny addition to what should have been there a long time ago.

let url = try FileManager.default.url(for: .documentDirectory,
in: .userDomainMask,
appropriateFor: nil,
create: false)
// vs
let url2 = URL.documentsDirectory
view raw URL.swift hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Here we can see that instead of a throwing function which has 4 parameters, we can replace it with a non-throwing type property. Finally! Not sure why it gives me so much happiness, maybe because I always forget the URL API whenever I need it.

static var applicationDirectory: URL
static var applicationSupportDirectory: URL
static var cachesDirectory: URL
static var desktoDirectory: URL
static var documentsDirectory: URL
static var downloadsDirectory: URL
static var homeDirectory: URL
static var libraryDirectory: URL
static var moviesDirectory: URL
static var musicDirectory: URL
static var picturesDirectory: URL
static var sharedPublicDirectory: URL
static var temporaryDirectory: URL
static var trashDirectory: URL
static var userDirectory: URL
view raw URL.swift hosted with ❤ by GitHub

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