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Most visited blog posts in 2019

Thank you to everyone who visted my blog and I really hope that you learnt something new. I am trying to keep my blog post short and having sample code what can be used instantly. But now, its time to take a look back on all the blog posts I wrote in 2019. This year I kept following my schedule of publishing a blog post every second week. This means that in this year I published 27 blog post covering wide variaty of topics from UIKit to SwiftUI, SpriteKit, VisionKit, CryptoKit, app architecture and so on. I finally managed to get noticed by iOS Dev Weekly and the issue 430 contained my post Adding custom attribute to NSAttributedString on iOS. Really happy about it!
All in all, I am very happy to see how my blog grew in 2019. Total view count grew more than 5 times compared to 2018 (started blogging in late 2017).

Let’s take a look on stats from 2019 and list blog posts by the number of vists in 2019. The first list contains blog posts written in 2019 and the second list contains all the other blog posts people read in 2019.

Most read posts written in 2019

Most read posts written before 2019

Have a great coming year! I’ll keep publishing new blog posts every second week so follow me on Twitter @toomasvahter or subscribe to RSS feed. Thank you!

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Most visited posts in 2018

It is this time of the year when to look back. In total I published 22 blog posts and had 2765 views by 1632 people. Together with 3 posts from the 2017 I now have 25 blog posts.

In the end of the July I posted Sharing UI code with protocol extension what marked the beginning of the biweekly schedule. Since then I have tried to find a topic for every second week and write a concise post with sample code. The aim is to share the knowledge in a compact format and have some ready to use sample code what can be used in your projects. I would like to remind that all the source code is under MIT license so feel free to use as you would like to.

Top 3

My hope is that at least some people found those posts useful and they learned something new. Feel free to contact me on Twitter @toomasvahter. Thank you for reading.