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Most visited blog posts in 2022

Time to take a look at most visited blog posts in 2022 in two categories: most visited posts written in 2022 and most visited posts in overall.

Top 10 written in 2022

Top 10 overall

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Most visited posts in 2018

It is this time of the year when to look back. In total I published 22 blog posts and had 2765 views by 1632 people. Together with 3 posts from the 2017 I now have 25 blog posts.

In the end of the July I posted Sharing UI code with protocol extension what marked the beginning of the biweekly schedule. Since then I have tried to find a topic for every second week and write a concise post with sample code. The aim is to share the knowledge in a compact format and have some ready to use sample code what can be used in your projects. I would like to remind that all the source code is under MIT license so feel free to use as you would like to.

Top 3

My hope is that at least some people found those posts useful and they learned something new. Feel free to contact me on Twitter @toomasvahter. Thank you for reading.